Blog Content Getting Stale? 4 Ways To Rejuvenate It

solution for stale blog contentBloggers across the internet often bemoan the challenges of creating fresh, engaging blog content. After all, your business only has so many products and services, but search engine optimization(SEO) requires frequent, unique content to rank high in search engine results. Regular posting increases your brand awareness, positions you as an authority within the industry and helps more customers find you and generate sales.

If your blog content seems like it’s becoming stale, consider how these four types of blogs can offer a fresh perspective:

  • The guest post. Arguably one of the most effective ways to quickly increase traffic, guest posts from industry leaders and experts automatically boosts your authority and elevates the trust customers have in your products and services, as well as drawing new followers (those who are already fans of your guest).
  • The benefits post. Your customers have problems that your products or services can solve. Developing posts that focus on the benefits that your offerings deliver will help convince customers that they should patronize your company.
  • The how-to post. This type of post is always popular. People use the web today as a primary means to find out how to do something — and how to do it quickly, easily and in the most cost-effective way. Think about how you can use your blog to educate consumers, showing them how to do something that relates to your products and services. But don’t worry if it doesn’t directly relate; how-to posts develop trust among readers, which will ultimately guide them to your business when they’re ready to buy.
  • The “sound-bite” post. You’ve likely developed meatier materials, like white papers or videos, to educate consumers. Use your blog to give them a quick look at what you have to offer, with a link to the full version.

With a little creativity, you can liven up your blog content and avoid a lackluster performance. At the same time, your frequent, relevant posts will drive more traffic to your site, build your brand awareness and ultimately lead to more conversions from prospect to customer.

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