Your Blog ROI Will Increase If You Follow These Suggestions

blog roi return on investmentYou probably have many reasons for hosting a business blog, and the possibility of increased sales is undoubtedly one of them. But maintaining your blog will eat into the time you can spend on other money-making activities. So how do you ensure that your blog ROI will be worth your efforts?

Here are some tips:

Incorporate a user-friendly, inviting style.

  • Include a call to action. Traffic is good if it has a purpose. Generating lots of traffic without providing a call to action will result in low conversions. Suggest specific actions that readers should take.
  • Make it reader-friendly. If your content isn’t easy to read, engaging and interesting, you’ll lose readers quickly. Poor grammar and hard-to-read, overly-wordy posts will turn readers off and reflect poorly on you as an authority.
  • Entice readers. The blog’s title is the first point of contact readers have with your post. Use it to immediately draw them in.
  • Entice again. Once you get your audience past the title, your first few sentences should be just as engaging, and should continue to interest readers throughout the post.
  • Optimize searchability. To help users find specific posts, categorize them by topic.

Practice smart search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Use internal links. Include links within your posts that lead readers to other pages within your blog or website, driving traffic and conversions.
  • Utilize your title. The title is one of the key components that search engines use to rank your blog. Place keywords/phrases at or very near the beginning of your title.
  • Use social media sharing tools. Your post will rank higher when people share your content, but you need to provide them with the tools to do so. Include LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter links.
  • Use tags. While your post should be optimized with keywords or phrases, you should also develop other relevant tags that help describe your content focus.
  • Include meta-descriptions. Writing a summary of the post will help web crawlers scan its relevance and increase search hits.

Yes, your blog will take time. But if you optimize it to encourage readership and move it up in the search engines, your blog ROI can more than make up for that.

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