Blogging For Service Companies Needs The Right Approach: How To Get Repeat Business

blogging for service companiesIf you manage a service company, you know how competitive today’s landscape is. Incorporating social media — blogs in particular — as a part of your marketing strategy can give you the extra edge you need. It can increase ROI and position you well for repeat business.

Blogging for service companiesis not unlike blogging for other types of businesses. Every blogger who hopes to bring in new customers and repeat business must adhere to blogging best practices. So consider these elements:

  • Frequency – How often should you post? Experts generally recommend blogging roughly 2-3 times per week. Frequent posts give your customers access to content that helps to educate them about your products and services. Posting is often a key to higher search engine rankings, as fresh content is one component a search engine evaluates to gauge your site’s relevance.
  • Content – What should you post? Well, what problems do your products or services solve? What benefits can your business offer customers? Content that provides answers to frequently-asked questions will prompt consumers to seek you out when it’s time to buy.
  • Specialized content – When you’re blogging for service companies, it often makes sense to take advantage of seasons and special occasions. Holidays are perfect for communicating targeted offers or discounts reserved for your blog subscribers.
  • Keywords – Incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies that target common keyword searches. Google and other search engines give you access to keyword search rankings. With those search results in hand, you’ve also accessed key market information about what your customers want, which allows you to respond accordingly.
  • Title – This component of your blog posts speaks volumes. Not only should it incorporate your keyword for SEO rankings (near the front), but it should also engage your readers by being creative and intriguing.

And give yourself time to build momentum. Try not to evaluate your success too seriously until you’ve been at it for at least six months. You’re in it for the long haul, so creating an online atmosphere that encourages repeat business should be an ongoing process. Your continued efforts will keep them coming back.

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