Twitter Promotion Best Practices For Your Business Profile

You have developed your social media strategy and are now in the implementation phase. When it comes to social tools like Twitter, just setting up a profile is not enough. You have to actively promote your business profile on Twitter to get meaningful results.

Social media platforms are constantly changing environments; the comment you posted three days ago is not going to be viewed today. But it doesn’t matter how many comments you post if you don’t have any followers.

You can increase your fan base by implementing the following best practices to promote your business profile on Twitter:

  • Use your Twitter link. When your account was created, your username automatically became part of your Twitter URL. If you include this custom URL in your blog, on your Facebook page and in email newsletters, any Twitter user that clicks on it will automatically become a follower of your page without any other extra steps required.
  • Don’t get lost in the shuffle: The Twitter search feature allows users to find specific content based on keywords. If you have posts that are relevant, your comments will appear in user searches, but only if you have completed your Twitter profile. The more information you include in your profile, the more likely your comments will appear in searches.
  • Recommend other Twitter profiles: Although it may seem counterintuitive to promote your business profile on Twitter by recommending other businesses, this kind of cross-promotion is exactly what social media platforms love. Not only will you get noticed for participating, the users you promote are likely to return the favor. Obviously, you don’t want to promote competitors, but you can suggest complementary businesses or pages that you think your readers would enjoy.

As you implement the above steps, don’t forget that the best way to promote your business profile on Twitter is to provide useful, quality content that will engage your readers. Understand your audience, respond to their preferences, read their Twitter pages to see what gets them excited and—even though Twitter is a fun tool—always be professional.

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