5 Things To Do Each Day in Social Media That Takes Just 5 Minutes

Having content automatically tweet out to your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages is great. But frankly, it is not enough.

You personally have to engage in those accounts, once a day, even if it is only for five minutes and do these five things.

1. On Linkedin, connect with one person every day. It can be someone you interacted with that day, in person or via email.  Then, you show up on the home page of all the people you are connected with.

2. On Facebook, like and comment on someone else’s post.

3. On Facebook, post one thing that you read or ran across that day that relates to your industry and would engage your customers. It should not be your own content. Your own content is already auto posting.

4. On Twitter, check out the hashtag (a hashtag is a category system on Twitter and start with #, #hvac) or keyword for your industry and see what is happening. Retweet at least one article or comment on one that is meaningful to you.  You can see in the image below that we use Tweetdeck to monitor both tweets about us, SocialTract, and tweets about the HVAC industry.

5. On Twitter, post something new – this can be your article that was already auto fed but make sure you put a personal touch on it.

These are little things you can do to farm your business.  By doing these little things, it means you are always at least somewhat active in your community by only investing five or 10 minutes per day.


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