What is the Value of Content?

Can you put a price on engaging, consumer-oriented content? Of course you can. But it’s the value of that content that is more impressive to us. The fixed cost to produce the content – the writer’s time, the time a content producer spends coming up with ideas and researching SEO best practices, among the many other factors that go into producing blog posts – isn’t the cost you should consider. We’d like you to look instead at the ways your content investment can pay you back.

  • Custom content, tweaked to include unique geographic references and offer regional flavor, is yours forever. We call this evergreen content. It lives online, in your blog archives and in search, to continue to attract customers through your website and search engines.
  • The content also lives on in any way you wish to disseminate it: by reprinting posts for a quarterly print newsletter, email blast or materials your technicians can pass on to customers.  One online piece of content can be used in 10 different ways.  How are you repackaging your content?
  • Each post adds to your visibility online and further helps position you as the expert in your niche and regional area. Even those posts that may seem inconsequential, such as tips on the safe installation of a carbon monoxide detector, will likely register with someone looking online for information. That drip, drip, drip of new content builds a strong base for your name recognition and approachability.
  • The viral nature of the way information is spread on sites such as Facebook and Twitter will now include your content. Not only is your company coming up in search, but your company’s posts become part of the conversation on social-media sites. Also, one important thing to measure is that with Google’s latest update to their search engines, they are now considering the distribution of content through social channels as more significant to your search rankings.
  • The subdomain set up to host your blog posts looks like another page on your website, but the subdomain actually helps the search rankings of your main site, as well, so you’re increasing the number of posts deemed valuable by Google. And that means your company is more likely to appear higher in searches.
  • Our mix of topics, produced with a constant eye on industry trends and consumer desires, provides you with smart content week in and week out.

We know that homeowners go to their computers first to look for answers and advice about their heating, cooling, plumbing equipment or the other service industries we cover. We want those potential customers to see a company name pop up in search that they may have seen on a truck or heard about from a neighbor. That company very likely could be yours, with professionally produced content that is likely to engage and build trust with that prospective customer. There’s value in that. That’s why we created SocialTract.

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