Five Reasons Why Everyone Isn’t Blogging

Great question today from an HVAC Contractor who is considering using SocialTract services. He wonders, if blogging is so important, why isn’t everyone already doing it?

Here are the five top reasons we found why people don’t blog.

  1. They really have no idea how to start.
    You do have to be a bit tech savvy to run a blog, and at minimum understand the basics of using a blogging service like WordPress or even TypePad.  I have learned more than my fair share of times that you cannot cut and paste from a Word document into WordPress and expect it to look at all decent. So starting takes a bit of work – you want you page to look professional and add credibility to your reputation – just like the content in the blog itself.
  2. They think they don’t have anything to blog about.
    Once you realize how much you have to say, this one can be easy to overcome. In HVAC for example, just ask your technicians to right down the questions they answer on a daily basis. You could have 50 blog post ideas right there.
  3. They don’t want to learn how.
    That is completely okay – there are many things we don’t want to learn. When the roof leaked, we didn’t want to learn how to repair it. We wanted someone to do it. The same can be true of having an online presence. It is like the leaky roof. You have to fix it or you lose the house.
  4. They don’t get the importance.
    This argument can be addressed by citing online research like crazy. People are online. They are looking for the services they need online. You want to be found, you need good SEO. You want to be found in social media. You have to blog.
  5. Frankly, they don’t have the time
    This could be very true. You are busy. You already work a lot. You already spend a lot on marketing. But the fact is – you have to do this. Now. Blogging used to be a nice thing to add to your marketing.  Now, it’s mandatory.

For more, check out the HVACR Contractor’s Guide to Blogging – Free Download.

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