3 Reasons Why Blogging is Important to Your Business

Why blog? Blogging is one of the best marketing tool to position your company as an expert in the industry. We know that customers and prospects don’t return to stale or outdated websites. Blogs that are kept current ensure you are maximizing marketing potential.

1.    Increase Traffic
It’s a simple concept. The more you blog, the more content there is to index by Google, and the more traffic you generate. Increased traffic gives you more opportunity to convert that traffic into business. Blogging is one of the most effective ways to increase your web footprint. There is no ceiling on the amount of traffic to your website! Blogging moves your ranking past stale and static websites – putting you out in front and increasing your exposure, name or brand recognition, and visibility.

2.    Increase Search Rankings
Did you know most traffic to a website comes from “problem-solving” searches – not the name or type of business itself? For example, a customer might search for “types of energy-efficient furnaces”. Try searching for that yourself.  You’ll quickly see that blog posts go right to the top of the search rankings. Simply put, blogging will help your site rank higher in search results. Higher rankings put you ahead of the pack in traffic, popularity, and profitability.

3.    Authoritative Voice
Blogging is an effective marketing tool that creates exposure, recognition, reputation, and credibility. You don’t have to be an expert blogger to market your business. You build your reputation and trust by associating an authoritative, personal, and human voice with your business via current, frequent, and quality blog content. Customers are drawn to the leaders and experts in the business world. What better marketing recommendation is there than a search engine including your website among the top search results?

Blogging is Golden

Unless you have all the business you can handle and are not interested in name or brand recognition, don’t ignore the importance of blogging. Having quality blog content is like having a goose that lays golden eggs of rank, reputation, and revenue.

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