Twitter? Tweet? What does that have to do with furnaces and air conditioning?

We’ve written about Facebook and Linkedin for HVAC contractors but now we need to talk about Twitter.  While the concept is simple, say what you have to say in 140 characters or less, the process can be rather daunting.

Twitter is considered a micro-blogging service.  It is unique in many ways from its social media counterparts.  The limit of 140 characters per tweet (what it is called when you post on Twitter) is only one of the unique features.  Everyone on Twitter has a name that starts with the @ symbol.  This is limited to 15 characters.  We are @SocialTract.  My personal twitter account is @pamkozelka.  Some people try to stick with their name if it is available.  Others get more creative.  One client of SocialTract goes by their name @Rodenhiser, while another with a longer name has to go by an abbreviated name @CondAirNaples (Conditioned Air).

You can set up an automatic feed to Twitter from say, for example, your blog (you have a blog right?).  On Twitter however this is not enough.  You need to retweet other people’s posts, or write original comments, or other tweets that engage people.  In addition, the use of hashtags (the #symbol) is very important.  Because our clients are in the HVAC industry we try to make sure we put #HVAC with all our posts to try and reach our audience.  Hashtags are common for the city in which you work as well.  PK Wadsworth for example, puts the hashtag #Cleveland in their posts to try and reach their consumers in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

As you get more advanced you can also monitor topics or keywords on Twitter.  I follow the hashtag #hvac and #hvacr to see what the topics and trends are for the industry on a daily basis.  This also gives me an easy way to look at relevant content and engage with others by commenting on their posts or retweeting.

There are 175 million people with Twitter accounts according to recent statistics.  Not all are active, but those who are find their content and their customers.  You do not want to miss out on the opportunities from this growing trend.

For more on how to get started with Twitter, check out this Twitter 101 for Contractors post.

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