The Ultimate Guide to Why Service Companies Should Blog

There are three specific reasons why service contractors should be blogging.  But first, a note about blogging.

A blog is just a publishing tool…nothing more, nothing less.  But it is a very powerful tool, and possibly the most efficient and effective way to get consistently valuable and compelling content out to your customers and prospects.

Why? Now, the three reasons why service contractors should have a blog:

  1. Find and sell more customers on annual service and maintenance agreements. Yes, we all know that the majority of residential business comes in when something breaks. And, we all know that the better way to do business is to sign customers up to service and maintenance agreements.  A great blog can attract the kind of customer that is looking for more than just a temporary fix-it operation.
  2. Retain current maintenance customers with compelling and consistent content. A great blog also positions you as a trusted partner to current customers. Wouldn’t it be nice to tell your customers on service agreements that you create at least two home comfort tips per week on your blog, and that they can count on you for ongoing information covering exactly what they need on a daily, monthly or annual basis?
  3. Position your company as the local home comfort leader. People want to do business with a leader – in any market…including heating and air conditioning solutions. The leader is positioned to get the lion’s share of new and replacement equipment orders.

Consistent blogs with useful, relevant and important information for prospects and customers gives your company enormous visibility for buyers who start product and services searching on the internet.  As much as contractors thought they “had to be in the Yellow Pages” at one time, the new “have to be” is at the top of the blogging/content order in your market area.

Want proof?  How about these important statistics on the effectiveness of small-business blogging courtesy of Hubspot?

In summary, service businesses that blog on a consistent basis, get more business, more leads, more website traffic, more links and have more pages on Google.  Not bad, huh?

Blogs Get New Business

70% of businesses that blog at least two times per week (what you get with SocialTract) have acquired customers directly through their blog.  100% of businesses that blog multiple times per day have acquired business through their blogs. That’s every single one!

Blogs Get Business for HVACR Contractors

The more you blog, the more business you get

Businesses with Blogs Get More Twitter Followers

If you blog as a service contractor, you’ll average about double the amount of followers as a service contractor that doesn’t blog.


You blog, you get more followers

Blogs Are 4X More Likely to Be Found on the Internet

Small businesses that blog have 434% more indexed pages in search engines (i.e., Google).  What that means is that you have more ways customers can find you.  Think of it this way…if getting a new customer is like the lottery, you’ll have 4x as many tickets as your competitors if you have a blog, thus a better chance to get the order.


More pages in Google, more business

Blogs Get More Links

Service companies that blog get double the amount of links into their website.  That means, Google sees you as a more credible site (helping you to rise in the search rankings) and more links means more ways customers can find your site.


More links, more ways customers can find you

Blogs Get More Website Traffic

Service companies that blog get more traffic to their website…period.  Over 50% more on average.

HVAC Blogs Get More Traffic

Blogs Get More Traffic

Blogs Get More Leads

Businesses that blog get between 65 to 90% more leads than those businesses who don’t blog.

Blogs Get More Leads

HVACR Blogs Get More Leads

In summary, the consistent blogging of valuable, relevant content gets service contractors more business.  Like the Yellow Pages were a core part of your business years ago, that solution today is blogging.

Now is the time to get started.  Contact us today to get your blog up and running in less than 30 days.

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  1. Posted May 26, 2010 at 6:59 pm | Permalink

    What impact will blogging have in terms of attracting people outside of your service area? I guess at worst it will make your site stats a bit less accurate as it includes people who will never ring your phone for a service call. I do see the power of incoming links though.

  2. Posted May 26, 2010 at 7:07 pm | Permalink

    Hi James. Great question. For our customers, we’ve been seeing about 50% relevant traffic, but since those are all new prospects, we are thrilled.

    As you widen the net to get more of the customers you want, you also get some you don’t want. They go on their way. No harm no foul. As long as w are delivering on business objectives, all is well.

    Thanks for commenting.

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