Why SocialTract? – A Social Media Service for HVACR Contractors

We’re excited to officially launch our new social media service, SocialTract, specifically designed for HVACR contractors.

When explaining this new service to colleagues, I get asked two questions.

The first is – Why HVACR contractors?

The answer is this…more and more home owners are making buying decisions online. When they are looking for a contractor, almost all (90% according to Forrester Research) review their decision online before making the final call. Mix that with the fact that over 100 million people per day read blogs – and – that two-thirds of all US homeowners are involved in social networks (Nielsen), and that spells trouble for contractors who have neglected social media as a business driver.

Most HVACR contractors we’ve worked with, even the largest ones around North America, don’t make time for social media, even though this is one of the best growth opportunities for HVACR contractors. HVACR owners are working 50-80 hours a week, and asking them to blog and get active in Twitter seems pretty unreasonable (at least for those who don’t yet understand the power of social media).

The bottom line – HVACR contractors MUST be involved in social media to attract and retain customers from now until the foreseeable future.

Now for the second question – What’s different about SocialTract?

This is the good stuff.  Our belief at SocialTract is that social media does not work without the creation of valuable, compelling and consistent content targeted to customers and prospects.  This is something that most contractors simply can’t do, and cannot outsource effectively at a reasonable price point.

The basis for SocialTract is that we work with contractors to set up a comprehensive editorial plan and deliver two blog posts per week on their custom-designed blog. That blog becomes the magnet to attract and retain customers, with those posts being distributed through social media networks like Facebook and Twitter (we set those up as well for the contractor).

While most “social media experts” can set up Facebook and Twitter sites, and tell you (the contractor) what you need to do, we actually help you get the job done. The compelling content we develop for you (with your approval) positions you as the regional industry expert. This great content will be the driver behind your social media program.

We’re already excited about the conversations we’re having with contractors and the blogs we’ve developed already.  If you are an HVACR contractor that has neglected social media thus far…SocialTract will help drive your social media effort. This proven system works, and it can work for you as well.

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One Comment

  1. Posted March 7, 2010 at 4:05 pm | Permalink

    Hi –

    Disclosure: I work with Joe on SocialTract. Second Disclosure: I have a lot of other clients that have Blogs, but never use them. Guess what? I’m guilty of letting 2-3 weeks flash by before doing a post of my own. But we know that Google ranks blogs with regular, relevant content of 2-3 posts per week more highly. That’s why I’m excited about SocialTract too. A great way to go.

    – Scott

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